Organic cotton yarn - GOTS certified

All By LOHN products are made from organic yarn and also meet the strict requirements set by GOTS.

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standards - is the most important international standard for organic textiles and is a recognized certification that guarantees environmental, responsible and sustainable production.

GOTS certified cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, and the spinning, weaving and dyeing process - the entire production chain - also meets strict ecological requirements. In addition, the GOTS certification contains a number of social and ethnic criteria that help to ensure proper conditions for the employee who works with the cotton on a daily basis.

GOTS certified cotton is your guarantee, everything from the harvesting of the organic cotton to the processing and finishing has a unique label. Requirements regarding working conditions, waste water and the use of chemicals are therefore also met with the yarn used for the By LOHN products.

Cotton yarn is a natural material which is 100% organic. It originates from cotton plants and consists entirely of plant fibers. The cotton yarn used for the By LOHN products is also organic, which means that the cotton is made from organically grown plant fibres. No artificial fertilizers and pesticides have been used in connection with the cultivation of the cotton plants, and therefore no environmentally harmful substances have been emitted during the production of the yarn. The yarn therefore does not contain any toxic or harmful substances, but is instead a pure natural product.

Only a vanishingly small part of the cotton production in the world is organic (about 5%). The organic cotton is more expensive to produce, and together with the cost of GOTS certification and control, organic cotton yarn is more expensive than non-organic cotton yarn. On the other hand, the cotton is produced without the use of toxic pesticides, which are harmful to the environment and the workers who work with the cotton on a daily basis. As a consumer, you are therefore not only assured of environmentally friendly and responsible production, you are also assured that By LOHN products do not contain harmful chemicals, AZO dyes and heavy metals, which traditionally produced cotton yarn can contain.


Washing and treatment of organic cotton yarn

It is important that you follow the washing instructions given on the products to avoid discolouration and to ensure a long life of the product. Please wash knitting products separately. Do not use fabric softener, as it destroys the fibres, but preferably a program with extra rinse water and a long rinse time. If you do not dry your knitted products in a tumble dryer, it is important after washing, you shape the product to its original size (if it has shrunk) and leave it to dry on a flat surface.

To preserve the beautiful color of the product, it is a good idea to soak the product overnight in a bucket of cold water with vinegar.