By LOHN KIDS is a new sub brand under By LOHN which design and produce organic knitted interior textiles and accessories for mother, baby and childen in a fusion of beauty and craftsmanship, carefully produced with respect for the environment.

The old craftsmanship knit, with the passion, soul & heart behind it, is upgraded to contemporary design with a Scandinavian look fitting the modern parents. The 2 yearly unisex collections have a stylish and minimalist expression. Beautiful details are added to the functional products resulting in an exclusive look expressing the high Danish quality.

By LOHN wants to contribute positively to the transition to a sustainable mindset in the purchasing patterns of interior textiles and accessories. Therefore, our collections are made of GOTS certified organic cotton as we want to embrace the environment and the privilege to choose environmentally friendly products.

Slow Fashion & Less is more!

By LOHN KIDS supports the growing lifestyle approach; Slow Fashion. Our designs, materials and patterns are deliberately chosen for the purpose of being used across annual fashion seasons and trends. Our products are made of high quality materials and in a timeless Scandinavian look ensuring a long lifespan. Many of the products are Multi Purpose Products for both mother, baby & child. 

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