About By LOHN

By LOHN, established in 2018 by Louise Høj Nissen supports the growing lifestyle approach "Slow Fashion", which rebels against the "Buy-and-throw-out" mentality.

By LOHN wants to contribute to CONSCIOUS consumption, LESS plastic, MINIMIZING disposable consumption & MINIMIZING overconsumption. 

By LOHN is a knitted universe in 100% organic cotton that stands behind functional and aesthetic Interior and Accessories products for the modern and conscious consumer. The design, colour, material and patterns of the products are deliberately chosen with the aim that they can be used across the annual fashion seasons and trends. In addition, the products have a stylish, minimalist and long-lasting look. The individual, Nordic and timeless design, together with the good quality and the individual product's multiple uses, help to ensure that the products have a long life  span and can be used optimally - all to the benefit of the environment, you and future generations.

Along with this ethical approach, By LOHN is inspired by the old craftsmanship of knitting, with the quality, soul and heart behind it. Some products may therefore be partly handmade, while common to all products is that sustainability, quality and Fair Trade are given priority.

All By LOHN products are produced in India under 100% fair conditions.



By LOHN wants to take a stand and take responsibility for the environment and put it in competition with the old craft form of knitting. By LOHN wants to offer Danish designed and environmentally friendly interiors for the home, with a background in the old craft form of knitting, which has been upgraded in expression and design to a modern and contemporary design.

In other words, it is By LOHN's mission:

To offer home interiors & accessories in a fusion of beauty and craftsmanship, carefully crafted with respect for the environment.


Vision and value base

At By LOHN, ecology and environmental friendliness must go hand in hand with design and quality and be united in the old craft form of knitting. By LOHN will be concerned with taking good care of our land, its resources, as well as ourselves and each other. By LOHN's approach to ecology and sustainability is that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. It is By LOHN's vision to contribute positively to the transition to an ecological and environmentally friendly way of thinking in the purchasing patterns of home interiors and accessories, and to help change consumer habits in these purchasing situations with the help of precise and informative communication and with the help of easily accessible organic interior products from high quality.

By LOHN is to be synonymous with high-quality Danish interior products that originate from the old craft form of knitting, manufactured based on ecological, environmentally friendly and sustainable principles.